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When you need a paving project completed don’t settle for an average paving contractor. 

Mesquite Paving Pros will set you up with paving that’ll last. We have years of experience so it will be constructed properly so that you don’t have to worry about repairing it soon after it’s built for you. 

There is no better asphalt, concrete, parking lot maintenance and driveway paving & repair in Mesquite, TX and surrounding areas than the paving you get through Mesquite Paving Pros! 


About Us

We have been in charge of some of the most ambitious paving projects that Mesquite Texas has seen. 

We’re a large paving company with a team of diversely skilled paving professionals. We’re quick, adaptable and equipped to handle a wide range of paving projects. 

At Mesquite Paving Pros we can work with asphalt or concrete to pave driveways, parking lots (parking lot striping), small roads and just about any area around your home or business.

From sealing small cracks or applying asphalt seal coating to your asphalt road all the way to literally building entire parking lot areas and driveways we are your go-to paving service!

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Our asphalt paving services are built to provide premiere asphalt driveways, parking lots and roads. 

Our asphalt paving is durable, and composed in a manner which allows us to use it for a great many residential and commercial applications.

If you’ve been told that there’s no safe and reliable way to pave an area, talk to us. There’s a good chance asphalt will do the job perfectly. 

There are many factors that could contribute to your needing an concrete or asphalt repair job done. 

When problems happens with your paving you are going to want to hire a service that you can trust to make things better and not worse.

When you give us a call and ask for a repair service the last thing that we want is to be back repairing the same crack in a couple of months. We therefore always fix the underlying problem before all else. No botchy crack filling or dishonest patch jobs from us! We repair it the right way the first time. 

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Does asphalt sealcoating actually contribute to the well being of an asphalt surface? From our experience, we can definitely say that when applied properly to a surface it will expand the life of the pavement and makes for a smoother ride. 

However, not all asphalt roads are going to benefit from asphalt sealcoating. 

Mesquite Paving Pros will take a look at your existing surface and give their verdict as to how effective the sealcoating may be in your case. 

Concrete is the gold standard for hard wearing pavement, particularly in areas which receive constant foot traffic or heavy duty equipment. Since concrete is so compact it can handle a lot more weight and pressure.

This makes concrete a perfect option for parking lots and warehouses. Concrete makes it easier both on the machines and the people working in that place. It looks great too!

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Don’t wait until people are shying away from your business because you don’t have the right parking space or your paved areas are simply too uninviting to lure customers to your front door. 

Mesquite Paving Pros are well equipped to provide paving services that are commercial in scale and grade. We can design a project that will allow us to get our work done properly without disturbing the natural flow of your business.

One of the reasons that we decided we could be great at building driveways was the fact that we would drive around town and see the exact same type of driveway leading up to people’s homes. Where’s the flair? Where’s the commitment to a unique build to suit each individual home?

This is the Mesquite Paving Pros difference when it comes to driveway paving. We will work with you to arrive at a driveway design which is perfect for your home or commercial property’s street appeal. 

We have a team of customer service agents that are waiting for your call today.

For a unique paving product in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, reliable service and an eye for lasting durability, you can’t look past Mesquite Paving Pros.