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Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Mesquite Paving Pros Asphalt and Concrete Repair

No matter how hard you may think asphalt and concrete are, they can eventually break down and have structural, aesthetic or safety issues. 

There are many determining factors that could contribute towards having these issues appear ahead of schedule. Other times just the overall wear and tear of time on these surfaces is what is going to cause most problems. 

In any case, our company will be there to repair your driveways and roads. 


Why Work With Mesquite Paving Pros?

One reason we’re a great choice is that we don’t rush a paving installation. We do our homework. We will perform a careful site inspection for every job we do, identifying every small issue to be resolved before we apply the asphalt or concrete.

We also have equipment which allows us to go the extra mile. We can dig deeper into the earth, apply a smoother application of concrete or asphalt and we have the tools to provide a top quality finish. 


Concrete Repair Work

Concrete is supposed to be this super strong material, right? Why then, do we see it cracking time and time again? 

Other than the problems that we just mentioned where the road was not planned out properly another one of the factors that come into play is the amount of traffic that a road gets. If you have a parking lot that gets a lot of heavy trucks coming in and out your concrete is going to be subject to a lot more stress. This can lead to cracks and other problems!

Our repair work takes these stressors into account. We won’t just patch the problem at the surface level. We’ll identify the issue and repair it at its source. 


Asphalt Repair Work

For inexperienced contractors, the answer to any kind of asphalt damage is “pour more asphalt on top.” This does two things. It conceals the damage, tricking customers into believing the repair is complete when it actually is not. It worsens the damage by adding more material to it. It’s like stacking new cards on an already wobbling tower of cards. It won’t fix the problem.

Mesquite Paving Pros approach the challenge properly. We fix the asphalt problem before we apply any kind of patching or new asphalt layer. Once the structure is sound, you can have confidence that your asphalt repair will last. 

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