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Commercial Paving Services

Mesquite Paving Pros Commercial Paving Services

Your parking lots, driveways and the surface that covers your warehouse are things that you usually don’t want to worry about. But when something does go wrong with your paving, the first question most people will ask is “how much will it cost to fix?”

Of course there’s the cost of the repair itself. But there’s also an opportunity cost. 

Just think about it, people not pulling up to your shop because the parking lot is a mess. Trucks not being able to load and unload merchandise properly.

So this places a commercial customer in a bind. On the one hand you want to move fast to avoid losing money. On the other hand, moving fast often costs a lot more money. 

At Mesquite Paving Pros we can offer a win win. A fast and professional service at a price you can afford. 


Parking Lot Paving

Our parking lot paving services are built precisely to provide companies with a quick and efficient job in paving their parking lot properly so that clients can keep coming in. 

A lot of times what we like to do is divide the parking lot into different sections and work on one section at a time. That way you won’t have to close down the entire place. 

This means less disruption for you. 


Warehouse Paving

We always tell our clients that if they need us to provide paving services to a warehouse that sees a lot of truck traffic we will usually recommend that you go with concrete paving. 

The main reason that people decide to go with asphalt for these types of warehouses is that they have a low budget which is fully understandable. But this is often a false economy. Concrete is, quite simply, the right material for the job. Going with anything else may be buying into problems down the line. 

Our warehouse paving is durable, attractive and cost effective. 


Asphalt Sealcoating

In our opinion, we believe that most asphalt driveways or parking lots that are used by companies have to have an asphalt sealcoating. It will make driving in the parking lot more comfortable for guests, and it will also help protect the area not only from the elements but also help it stand up to excessive weight that heavy-duty traffic.

It’s the best way to protect your commercial paving investment, and makes sense as an inclusion to your commercial property maintenance schedule. 


Sealing Cracks

If you begin to see cracks forming in your parking lot or driveway, contact us as soon as you can. We know that is may not seem too important at the time. A lot of people make the mistake of not acting soon enough and end up paying for it dearly. 

If we can come in and just seal the crack quickly it could prevent major damage that would take a more extensive repair where we would have to close off some areas of your parking lot to be able to repair it properly. 

Don’t lose money over these problems. Contact us instead and we can ensure your commercial paving remains viable. 

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