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Concrete Paving

Mesquite Paving Pros Concrete Paving

There are probably many things that you already know about concrete paving. Yet, you still may not be sure if concrete or asphalt is the way to go. 

We want to steer clear a little bit from comparing and contrasting the two types of common paving methods that we use. Instead, we want to focus on the strengths that concrete paving brings to the table and to look at what types of paving definitely warrant concrete as a choice. 


Concrete Paving Makes For A Very Smooth Ride   

All comparisons aside concrete paving truly allows cars to ride through across the surface very smoothly. 

This will, ultimately, make a difference to your car’s wear and tear. It’s like sleeping in a good bed versus an old lumpy mattress. Eventually, the old bed will take its toll. 

When you are deciding what type of paving method to use you may want to take into account the types of vehicles that you are going to use to travel that specific surface. This can help us determine the actual design of the path or road and it will make sure our design approach is on point. 


Paving Preparation

Here in Mesquite and neighboring areas, we really don’t have to account for much movement in the ground. Of course, there is movement and erosion, but it’s not California here. That actually makes our job easier.

That said, preparing the ground right isn’t optional. Some companies will say it is to save themselves money, but if the paved area isn’t properly graded and prepared it doesn’t matter where you live. Sooner or later you will hit problems. 

Mesquite Paving Pros pays close attention to site preparation for all its concrete paving installations. This is one major difference and it is part of how we ensure our concrete paving will outlast the competition. 


Getting The Right Shape And Size 

We already mentioned that making sure that we prepare the ground properly will be the most important factor in the project actually being successful. What else could we do, then, to maximize your structure's durability? 

Realizing that we can’t just go in and think that all of the jobs are the same! 

There are driveways that we are going to build that are going to be longer or shorter than others. Some we will have to make sure that they connect with the street safely. 

You get the idea. We understand that getting the job done well means that you can’t just drop cement in a spot and spread it about!


Repair Jobs

From sealing cracks to replacing entire concrete slabs we have got you covered when it comes to repairs.

It doesn’t matter if we worked on the driveway or road originally. As you can expect from a company that prepares as much as we do, we will make an initial assessment and then give you a couple of options on how to go about repairing the pavement. 

We also offer commercial paving services.

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